A student led creative group for young people, aged 9-17 based in Whitley Bay. Our young people bring their ideas and we help them to bring those ideas to life.

We explore everything that goes on behind-the-camera. Students will have an exciting opportunity to discover script writing and storyboarding, costume and set design, directing, special-effects makeup and prop construction, sound and lights, camera operations, producing and casting. They will learn new skills, and techniques growing in confidence along the way. At the end of each half term the group will produce their mini project, whether that be a short film, an audio play or something completely different!

We welcome and value contributions from all of our students, working together and supporting each other within our identity as members of ACT 2 CAM, but also as members of the vibrant and dynamic community of Whitley Bay.

Classes are £60 a month, and this is for 2 hours a week, if students decide to do a Drama class and Behind-the-Camera class it is £70 a month during term time.