Are you caring for someone? Whether it's a family member, a friend or your partner... it can often go unnoticed!

This is why local arts charity Helix Arts have designed Better Connect - a cultural programme offering carers across North Tyneside the chance to take part in creative opportunities alongside fellow carers and professional artists.

There’s lots of different creative sessions and projects taking place in safe spaces where you can express yourself using all sorts of activities including dance, drama, craft, writing, reading, making, moving, design, music and more!

Better Connect’s first project, You: Your Art, launched online at the end of June and runs weekly sessions until the end of September. Artist Jessica Kinnersley will take you into the world of creative journaling.

There’ll be opportunities for parents and families at North Tyneside Carers Centre and siblings at the Family Gateway.

There are By Your Side art sessions at North Tyneside Arts Studio for adult carers who might find creativity helps their mental health, and Falling on your Feet dance sessions at Meadow Well Connected for carers over 55 who want to dance like nobody's watching!

Why not get involved in Make it Happen? There’s training and funding for residents and artists to design and run community projects.

There are also lots of volunteering opportunities available, anything from helping in workshops, taking calls or supporting local events. Get in touch for an informal chat.

No matter what your age or ability, why not come and try out one of our ‘taster’ sessions?