15th – 21st November 2021 is national Safeguarding Adults Week where organisations across the country come together to raise awareness of important safeguarding adults issues. 

SAFE (Safeguarding Awareness for Everyone)  WEEK - 15th to 21st November 2021

SAFE week is a local annual campaign to raise awareness about protecting children and adults from abuse and harm, however safeguarding our residents is a year round responsibility for all of us.

This year it continues to be different due to Covid 19.  In previous years there have been activities around the borough however again this year there is going to be information sharing and awareness raising, but it is going to be via social media platforms. Please see the North Tyneside Council FacebookTwitter and Living Well North Tyneside.

For more information you can go to North Tyneside Council's Safeguarding Adults webpage

The North Tyneside and Northumberland Safeguarding Adults Board is a group of agencies who work together to protect adults with care and support needs from abuse and neglect. Abuse and neglect can come in many different forms, including: financial, neglect, emotional, physical, sexual and self-neglect. Adults with care and support needs might not always be able to protect themselves from harm and it is important that we all work together to identify, prevent and respond to abuse and neglect when it is occurring. Covid-19 has increased risks for some adults; now more than ever it is important that everyone is aware of the role they can play in reducing risks or reporting concerns.

Please take a look at our safeguarding awareness Promotional video  and find out more about the Safeguarding Team.

Daily Themes 

During SAFE Week there are themes of  focus each day of the week. Please see the themes here 

Reporting an Adult Safeguarding concern

If you have a concern about the safety or welfare of an adult in North Tyneside, please complete our online reporting form.

If you are an employee of an Adult Social Care provider and you would like to report a safeguarding concern that has happened in North Tyneside, please complete our online reporting form.

The North Tyneside Safeguarding Adults Initial Enquiry Form is to be used by Adult Social Care providers to report suspected or actual instances of abuse or neglect and could form the start of a Safeguarding Adults (Section 42) Enquiry under the Care Act.

Our leaflet Abuse Hurts contains more useful information.

If you have concerns about a Child Telephone 0345 2000 109 or complete the form here