Fund to help organisations gather views on North Tyneside’s Equally Well Plan

Healthwatch North Tyneside has been awarded a £25,000 fund to give to organisations to gather views about North Tyneside’s Equally Well plan, to reduce health inequalities in the borough.

Healthwatch North Tyneside is working on behalf of North Tyneside’s Health and Wellbeing Board to gather views from local residents and organisations about the plans to reduce local health inequalities.

The four-year strategy will be reviewed annually, and feedback will help to ensure the annual action plans reflect what’s needed in local communities.

Healthwatch is looking for around 25-30 organisations who can use small grants of up to £1,000 to support activity to gather feedback and views on how well the annual action plan is working and to provide suggestions to develop future plans.

Organisations can use the grants to engage with users through consultation events or sessions, and to provide views based on their own knowledge and experience of working with people in North Tyneside.

Organisations can select from seven key themes those most relevant for their users:

1. Giving children the best start.

2. Enabling children, young people, and adults to maximise their capabilities and control their lives.

3. Fair employment.

4. Places and communities.

5. Healthy lifestyles and behaviours.

6. Integrated health and care systems.

The fund can cover staff time; incentives for participants to get involved such as vouchers; food and refreshments for activities; materials and costs of engagement activities.

North Tyneside’s Equally Well strategy aims to reduce health inequalities by breaking the link between people’s circumstances and their opportunities for a healthy, thriving and fulfilled life.

The strategy sets out a high-level plan to tackle health inequalities in North Tyneside, between 2021 and 2025.

To find out more about the Equally Well Fund contact on 0191 263 5321. You can read the four page summary of the strategy here and the full strategy here.

How to apply Download the application document at to find out more information and details on how to apply using the application form. Applications must be received by 20 June 2022.


With thanks to Healthwatch North Tyneside for providing this information.