At Cedarwood we aim to provide an inclusive, safe and supportive space for all the residents of the Meadow Well estate and the wider North Tyneside area. Our main areas of focus are surrounding food poverty, early years and families, vulnerable adults and the elders. The Cedarwood Trust offers a variety of services, daily activities and support groups for the community, offering residents a safe place to spend time, meet people and provide essential support and resources to all. The Cedarwood Centre provides a safe environment for those who need it. Whether users are vulnerable, lonely or just need somewhere to carry out their activities, we welcome all through our doors. We're committed to ensuring nobody goes hungry. Working with local foodbanks and the community, we make food available to those who need it. An initiative to not only help feed those in need, but also train volunteers with valuable skills to seek full employment opportunities. A safe, friendly environment for elderly residents who may not be able to cater for themselves, or need somewhere to make new friends, have company and support. Cedarwood provides a safe and useful resource for all local residents to assist with their lives, provide a place of community and friendship building opportunities. The Cedarwood Trust is maintained by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers from the community who care passionately about helping those within North Tyneside and making a real difference. We work with local councils, non-profit organisations and businesses to facilitate help to those who need it including foodbanks, work placements and resources We offer a range of courses for the residents of North Tyneside, in the catering and care sector, and wellbeing. The North Tyneside Combined Authority identified the need for practical, useful courses to enable people to access employment, and to become financially independent. The courses also offer our learners the opportunity to gain and build confidence, to meet new people and to avoid isolation. We give support to all our students, to access, enroll and complete the courses and to move forward into employment. Courses are open to all residents of North Tyneside regardless of age, ability, ethnicity or gender. The structure at Cedarwood is outlined on the next page, and with the help of volunteers, it is one team working together for the good of everyone we support. None of this would be possible without the invaluable help of volunteers. We thank you for giving us your time, expertise and experience.