Who is behind Living Well North Tyneside?

The Living Well North Tyneside partnership brings together a range of cross-sector organisations in North Tyneside.

The partnership includes:

  • North Tyneside VODA,
  • North Tyneside Council,
  • NHS North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care Board,
  • The four Primary Care Networks (PCNs) of local GP practices in North Tyneside,
  • The Community Healthcare Forum,
  • TyneHealth GP Federation,
  • Healthwatch North Tyneside.

Our mission is to foster community connections through reliable information, facilitating local residents in discovering and accessing essential services, enriching activities, engaging events and valuable networks that promote well-being within North Tyneside.

Living Well North Tyneside offers:

  1. A comprehensive directory enabling residents to easily find local activities, events, services, and organisations in North Tyneside.
  2. Up-to-date information and news on the latest activities, events, and services available in North Tyneside.
  3. A platform for local organisations and groups to collaborate, share, and spotlight the resources they can provide to our community.

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