North Shields PCN has developed a service of physiotherapists who are part of the Primary Care Team in all five GP practices in our network. You can ask to see the physio without having to see anyone else first. We call this ‘first contact’.

If you think you have a problem that could be diagnosed or helped by seeing the physiotherapist, ask the receptionists or request an appointment on line.

The physiotherapists role is to assess and support adult patients who have new muscle or joint conditions in order to a determine the best way to help. They may suggest self-directed exercises, medication (for which they would liaise with the Pharmacy team or your GP) or a referral to specialist musculoskeletal teams for further care or investigation.

They have short wait times and can deal with some problems over the phone. Your GP surgery can arrange this appointment directly with the physiotherapist without the need for you to speak with your GP at the surgery.