We have a large Pharmacy Team within our Primary Care Network whose skill and expertise in all medication related issues adds further quality and safety to the prescribing across our area. They perform many tasks including structured medication reviews for patients in care homes and those on many different medications to ensure prescribing is safe and appropriate. They also start medications recommended by both primary and secondary care clinicians and also assisting in reducing medications as clinically required.

A number of our team work together in a central unit providing services to all five practices from a central point.

In addition, other members of the team work with particular practices and join forces with pharmacist within the practices. They help manage all medication related issues and often ring and discuss medications with patients

We are also developing much closer links with our colleagues in Community Pharmacies

The Pharmacy team may contact you by telephone or recommend a clinic appointment to meet with them to discuss your medications further and perform some clinical tests.

If you would like a review of your medication because you are concerned about side effects, don’t understand why you are taking something, or wonder if you could manage with fewer drugs then please ring your practice and request an appointment with a pharmacist.