Sooper Books is an online library where you can enjoy a growing collection of free bedtime stories, lovingly crafted by an award-winning husband and wife team.

5-minute bedtime stories: The Princess & The Pea Bedtime Story,Kentucky Fried Children,The Posh Rat - Rhyming Bedtime Story,Candy King - Funny Bedtime Story,The Three Billy Goats Gruff Bedtime Story

10-minute bedtime stories: Hansel & Gretel, The Story Of Cinderella, The Three Little Pigs Bedtime Story, Goldilocks And The Three Bears Bedtime Story, The Bedtime Story Of Rumpelstilskin, The Elves And The Shoemaker

Short Bedtime Stories: The Fast Lane - A Hedgehog Bedtime Story, The Story Of Little Red Riding Hood, The Bedtime Story Of Rapunzel, Mad Hair Day, Jack And The Beanstalk, The Wolf And the Seven Little Kids