Support from the 0-19 Children's Public Health Service begins in the antenatal period and supports parents and children across North Tyneside until children reach the age of 19. Teams are there to offer help, guidance, information and support to families as children grow up and progress through school and their teenage years into adulthood.

The team is made up of fully qualified professional staff including health visitors, public health school nurses, staff nurses/midwives, and community nursery nurses.

Working with children, young people and families, the team can offer support on a range of health topics including infant feeding, growth and development, and emotional and social wellbeing.

There is ongoing support for new parents on infant feeding, which includes support sessions and advice on everything from breastfeeding to weaning. The support sessions offer parents a unique opportunity, giving the option to not only ask questions of health professionals, but to meet other new parents in North Tyneside and listen to and engage with those in a similar situation, which can be both encouraging and reassuring.

There is also ample support available for parents as they navigate their child’s growth and development; including the latest information on vaccinations and immunisations, support when it’s time for babies to come out of nappies, advice on safe sleep, signposting on healthy eating and physical activity, and more.

In addition, our school nursing team is readily available to help children and young people in the borough as they grow and develop through their time at school with their worries and concerns, including everything from bullying to sexual health advice.

The 0-19 Children’s Public Health Service also delivers a texting service for both parents and children and young people living in North Tyneside:

  • ParentLine gives parents the opportunity to speak to a healthcare processional about any worries or concerns they may encounter about their child, parents of children aged 0-5 can text 07480 635 592, and parents of children aged 5-19 can text 07480 635 908.
  • ChatHealth gives children and young people aged 11-19 access to confidential advice and support for any questions or queries they may want independent information on by texting 07507 332 532.

For further information visit the 0-19 web page or the 0-19 Public Health Service Facebook page.