What is Grow & Eat?

Grow & Eat is a collaborative project by North Tyneside VODA with support from Public Health and Active North Tyneside. The aim of the project is to help communities in the North Tyneside area learn how to make more efficient use of their outdoor space, whether that is public or private, in order to grow food and improve their heatlh and wellbeing, through gardening, socialising and being active.

Some of the goals of the project are:

  • To identify suitable spaces for food growing such as outdoor areas in community centres
  • To provide training and development opportunities to groups and individuals
  • To help new community groups form and help these, as well as existing ones, access funding for their projects
  • To provide netwroking opportunities for groups so that they can learn from each other
  • To help raise awareness of the number of physical and mental health benefits gardening can bring
  • To support, where appropriate, the implementation of North Tyneside Council's Healthy Weight Declaration commitments

How to get involved

  • If you are a business, community centre or charitable organisation.

Do you have some space that's in need of a bit of TLC? Would you like to welcome volunteers and community groups in your space that will keep it looking vibrant and healthy while they grow some food for themselves and their communities? Grow & Eat gives you the opportunity to make a difference in your community!

  • If you belong in a community group or would like to start one with the purpose of growing some food or greening your local area

Do you need help setting up your group or is your existing group looking to access some funding for your community garden or orchard or other growing/greening initiative? Whatever your goals are, Grow & Eat can help you achieve them.

  • If you are a volunteer looking to get involved with the Grow & Eat project

Do you have skills and time to share with the groups as they set on creating their community growing spaces? Volunteering is an excellent way to get involved with your community, get a sense of achievement, meet like-minded people and gain experience and skills in a new area.