Dr Kirstin Richardson, Clinical Director of Wallsend PCN explains more:

Our Vision:

Supporting the people of Wallsend to live healthy lives

Our Commitment:

As a person living in Wallsend I will know who can help me and that all organisations will be able to give the same advice and direct me to who can best support my needs.

As a person working in Wallsend I will feel part of a Wallsend-wide network of organisations all sharing key priorities and strategies and know how to direct people in Wallsend to get the support they need.

Our Priority Areas For Wallsend Primary Care Network:

1. Further developing teamwork through PCN wide peer groups

2. Focus our action plans on our health priorities:

  • Children and young people
  • Disease prevention – smoking, alcohol, obesity, sleep
  • Cancer – screening, early detection, living well with cancer
  • Ageing well in Wallsend
  • Dying well in Wallsend
  • Long term condition management

3. Support and develop our primary care staff – "grow our own"

4. Improving access to services

How We Will Deliver Improved Healthcare Services To Residents In Wallsend:

1. Strengthen General Practice

  • Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme
  • Collaborative working between practices
  • PCN wide peer groups

2. Wider Neighbourhood-based Healthcare

  • Community Health Services
  • Medicines Optimisation
  • Care Homes
  • Cancer Care
  • Ageing Well
  • Extended Access

3. Wider Neighbourhood Wellbeing

  • Howdon and Wallsend Partnership
  • Living Well North Tyneside on-line platform
  • Wellbeing Facilitator for Wallsend
  • Social Prescribing Network