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Mental Health

Mental Health

Welcome to the Mental Health Category, a compassionate haven offering diverse support in North Tyneside. Our resources cover a spectrum of mental health concerns, addressing the challenges and complexities that people may face. Whether you're seeking guidance on wellbeing, coping strategies for stress and anxiety, or support for a loved one with dementia, our category is designed to provide understanding and assistance.

In this space, we prioritise inclusivity, aiming to foster connections and community for those dealing with loneliness and isolation. The category extends support not only for specific mental health issues such as depression, self-harm, or eating disorders but also focuses on overall mental recovery and wellbeing. Additionally, we offer information and assistance for learning disabilities and autism challenges, emphasising understanding and inclusivity.

Connect with our supportive community and discover a wealth of resources aimed at promoting mental health awareness and providing valuable support for your unique well-being journey.


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